Instrumentation Science and Technology
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The development of Instrument Science and Technology is closely related to breakthroughs in major frontier scientific issues. It plays an irreplaceable role in the frontier of science and technology and an important leading and promoting role in the development of high-tech industry and social progress.

At present, the discipline of Instrument Science and Technology is based on optics, mechanics, electrical and computer science. It has formed a close relationship of intersection and integration with most engineering and science disciplines, and it mainly involves physics, optics, Electronic Science and technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control science and engineering, students. Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and other disciplines. Furthermore, the close intersection and integration of these disciplines has increasingly become the trend of the development of modern instrumental technology, especially high-end instrumental science and technology. At the same time, with the development of Internet technology, software technology and Micro-Nano technology, Instrument Science and technology have the trend of intellectualization, virtualization, remote, miniaturization and high integration.

The discipline is based on the first-level discipline of Instrument Science and Technology at Chongqing University. The discipline of Instrument Science and Technology of Chongqing University has a long history. In 1994, a post-doctoral mobile station of Instrument Science and Technology was set up. In 1998, it was approved to set up a doctor degree point of the First-Level Discipline of Instrument Science and Technology. It has Key national defense discipline laboratory of new Micro-Nano device and system technology, and Key laboratory of optoelectronic technology and systems of the Education Ministry of China. With a good teacher team, this discipline has the strong strength to cultivate all kinds of talents from master to doctor. The main research direction of this discipline is:

(1) Micro-Nano devices and systems. With Micro-Nano devices and system technology as the overall research and development direction, biochemical micro-electronics, micro-energy devices and systems, basic theory of new Micro-Nano devices and key common technology research are emphatically carried out.

(2) Industrial nondestructive testing technology and equipment. Drawing on breaking through the core technology of large-scale high-precision high-energy industrial CT equipment, a series of research and equipment development on the theoretical system and manufacturing technology of industrial non-destructive testing are carried out in accordance with the basic theory and design method of the integration of core components into systems.

(3) Advanced sensing and intelligent structures. This direction explores the new mechanism, principle and technology of advanced sensing and intelligent control, and focuses on solving the key basic theory and technology problems of major infrastructure and equipment, intelligent sensing, intelligent control and system integration in the field of fault diagnosis and adaptive.

(4) Precision measuring technology and instrument. In order to explore new measuring principles, traceability and transmission methods of quantities, and develop new instruments and measuring standard devices, the physical, chemical and biological quantities under special and extreme conditions and the precise measurement of micron and nanometer scales are taken as objects.

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