Indusial Computed Tomography Research Center
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The Indusial Computed Tomography (ICT) Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Engineering Research Center (ERC) was approved to prepare in 2006 by the Ministry of Education, and finally established in 2014.

The ERC takes ICT Research Center of Chongqing University as the main body of technological research and system development, and takes Chongqing Zhen Ce Science and Technology Co, Ltd. as the industrialization base, relying on the talents and technological advantages of Chongqing University and the innovative platform of the Key Lab of Optoelectronic Technology and Systems, Ministry of Education.

ICT research center of Chongqing University was founded in 1989. It is an institution specializing in technology and theory research for industrial CT technologies, applied basic research and high-level personnel training. It is one of the earliest technical team engaged in technology research and system development of industrial CT in China. A unique way has been explored for high-tech industrialization development for 30 years, which combines technological innovation with product development, cooperates universities and enterprises closely, and integrates research, development and production. Three series of industrial CT equipment and instruments have been developed, including gamma ray system, low-energy X-ray system and high-energy accelerator X-ray system. It is rated as: all technical parameters of the systems are being the leading position in China, and some parameters of the systems are in the leading position in the world. The team has won seven national or ministerial awards, such as the second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. The industrial CT systems are widely used in railways, automobiles, machinery, petroleum and other industrial fields.

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