Multi-Functional Self‐Alarm E‐Skin for Health‐Monitoring
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Wearable health monitoring devices are an emerging technology that enables continuous ambulatory monitoring of human vital signs. However, the wearable devices on the market exist the drawbacks such as not timely alarm, low reliability and inflexibility. Thus, intensive research efforts have been devoted to explore novel nanomaterials based sensors for wearable devices to conduct various health monitors, such as respiratory, pulse, heart rate, and voice in recent years. New research from College of Optoelectronic Engineering, Chongqing University could one day help provide humans an effectively way to reduce the mortality of diseases and improve the global health level via multi-functional self‐alarm E‐Skin for health‐monitoring.


Prof. Xianping Chen and Prof. Lu-Qi Tao now report in Advanced Functional Materials that they succeeded in developing a self‐alarm E‐skin with different patterns through a one‐step laser scribing strategy by converting PI into porous graphene. The influence of the laser parameters and LIG patterns on the mechanical and acoustical performance of E‐skins was systematically studied. On one hand, the shutter patterned E‐skin possesses an ultrahigh GF of 316.3 based on its excellent piezoresistive effect, which is beneficial for various physiological signals' detection, such as respiration detection, voice recognition, and wrist pulse detection. On the other hand, the shutter patterned E‐skin can also act as an audible alarm device due to its thermoacoustic effect, which owned a relatively high SPL and broad frequency spectrum from 200 Hz to 20 kHz. More importantly, the integration of detection and alarm functions of our E‐skin into a single device provides fresh ideas in the development of health monitoring sensors.


For more information about this research, see “A Dual‐Functional Graphene‐Based Self‐Alarm Health‐Monitoring E‐Skin", Xianping Chen, Feng Luo,Min Yuan, Dingli Xie, Li Shen, Kai Zheng, Zeping Wang, Xiandong Li, Lu‐Qi Tao, Advanced Functional Materials, Volume29, Issue51, (2019) , https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.201904706


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